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Hodge Capital Group El Segundo, CA

The Challenge

Hodge Capital Group is a financing team headed by Robert Hodge. Looking to build his team’s brand to stand out in the formulaic world of real estate, Robert came to me with two goals for a new website design: (1) showcase the large amount of information and services his team provides in a clear and logical way, and (2) develop brand trust with a more informal, personal page centered on Robert’s achievements.

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The Result

Working with Robert’s corporate brand guidelines, I designed a home page style that fit these requirements while retaining a distinctive brand feel. To accommodate the large amount of information, we first developed a sitemap and content hierarchy that informed design choices like a two-level navigation system and multiple page sections enhanced with interactive sliders and buttons.

For his personal page, Robert wanted an entirely different look and feel that recalled his time as a college athlete. I designed a dark theme to complement the narrative of his background and career achievements, ranging from “Athlete,” “South Bay Native”, and “About/Family.” The designs and sitemap were used as prototypes for the full web development.

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