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A new counseling brand & website geared to different user paths.

Equip Psychology Pasadena, CA

The Challenge

Equip began as two psychologists planning to start a new, collaborative counseling service focused on providing therapy for boys and men. When they initially contacted me, they had not yet decided on a name, but they were looking to build a comprehensive brand from the ground up to accompany their new venture—from a logo and marketing materials to a fully customized website. One major goal was for the website to successfully map two different user paths reflecting their main target audiences.

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Brand Directions

The Result

After thinking through Equip’s mission and experimenting with ideas, I presented three logos and overall design directions to them, grouped under the themes “Prepare,” “Growth,” “Resilience.” The “Growth” theme was ultimately chosen. This theme supplied the brand’s distinctive logomark of three vertical bars, supplemented by a color gradient moving between dark and light greens.

For their website, Equip needed to present two different paths to relevant content—one path for boys/parents and one for men. The homepage and site structure was shaped to guide these two user experiences. In addition, I developed a Resource Library, where site users could explore articles and links based on psychological topics. The Webflow development platform offered a powerful CMS back end that made updating and syncing these topics (and other content areas) a simple process.

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